A Man

I don’t watch football
Or tinker with cars
I don’t play a sport
Or hang around in bars

I don’t fight or
Have anything to prove
And if I get in someone’s way
I’ll more often than not move

I know I’m not brash nor
Do I play to the crowd
And I don’t flash the cash
Or have to be loud

I do however
Treat people with respect
And truly believe that what you
Give is what you get

I like being ‘nice’ and
I try to be kind
And I believe in being positive
in action and in mind

Not your typical ‘man’
I have often been told
Definitely not macho and
Often not bold

But promises I keep
And confidences too
And to my friends
I’ll always be true

And if I love you
It will be forever
No matter the hardships
For worse and for better

I can cook
I can sew
I can look after myself
I’m secure in my masculinity
My experiences, a storehouse of wealth

Yes I’m quiet
And introverted at times
I feel no need to constantly reveal
Whatever’s on my mind

I have endured bad times
I have enjoyed good times
I have faced many fears
And on occasion been reduced to tears

If I truly love you
I will give my all
And when life tries to bend me
I will always stand tall

Yes, I’m a man
But I’ve nothing to prove
No need for swagger
No alpha status to lose

Look beneath the surface
See what’s inside
You’ll certainly get
One hell of a ride

And if you reject me
For a generic plaster cast mould
You’ll never discover that inside is cast
a heart of pure gold




The Door

there’s a door
I almost stepped through
a few years ago
almost closed
between the here and now
and the never more
I chose
at the last
to turn back
leave it for
another day
another time
that open door

For ~ Poets United Midweek Motif ~ The Door



Ah, marriage;
church bells, flowers,
horse drawn carriage,
happy ever after?

If you’re lucky,
in love.

If, on the other hand,
you’re not so lucky;

Fights, infidelity,
broken hearts,
as one
or the other
not so nice.

Ah, marriage;
wouldn’t have missed it
for the world;
to be one
with the girl
of your dreams,
if only for a minute,
is what marriage means,
for me
at least.

And to all those
contemplating joining
this august institution,
I wish you peace,
and joy.

Third time lucky?

Who knows…