Sometimes I wonder why I
Have to feel this way
Even though
I know the answer.
Stupidity, pure and simple.
Behind the smiling façade
Everything crumbles
As heartache beckons
Underneath the ever present smile
That conceals the pain that
Is my love for you.
For to
Love is to know pain.



Fucked Up

I fucked up
when I told a ‘friend’ I loved you.
I fucked up
when I told you.

My ‘friend’ stabbed me in the back.

You said I was ‘weird’ too.

“How could I love you
when I don’t know you?”

You don’t believe in love at first sight.

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”


Love one another for all you’re worth
for this could be your last moment on earth.
Speak ill of no one nor commit any crime,
love all as equals, profit honestly from your time.
Respect all God’s creatures, great and small,
for without their existence you’d be nothing at all.
Life live in joy, live it with grace,
and if the road does get bumpy,
have faith.