Paul Andrew Russell is an English poet and writer. He was born and raised in a small mining village in the beautiful county of Derbyshire, England. He spent the first forty years of his life in and around the place of his birth before moving to St John’s, Newfoundland in 2003. He returned to his native Bolsover in 2012.

He has published a collection of poetry, Pocketful of Words, available on Lulu.com.

He has also had work published in the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, the now defunct Club Saint George online ex-pat magazine, where he was the Canadian contributor; and three of his flash fiction stories have appeared on the ’fiction on the go’ website CommuterLit.com.

One of his poems, Rituals, was selected as Poem of the Week for the Poets United online magazine. Rituals is also included in Poets United’s first poetry anthology in print; Thoughts That Breathe, released in early 2011. Another of his poems, Philip, was chosen for inclusion in the print poetry anthology Fag Hag, published by Sibling Rivalry Press. He has also had work published in online poetry magazine Poetry24.

More Than a Flash of Fiction is Paul’s second collection of original short fiction tales; a follow up to A Flash of Fiction, a collection of six original short stories culled from the pages of his blog. Both are available as eBook downloads.

“I’m currently trying to post all my writing in one place, this blog, so what you read could be newly written or posted from my old blog. If it’s not tagged ‘from my old blog’ it will be freshly written. All content on this blog is original and written by me. Plagiarism sucks!”

Paul Andrew Russell



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