Abusive Fuck

He’ll always be an abusive fuck;
but you think if you’re
smooth troubled waters,
give him nothing to complain about,
he’ll change,
he’ll see that you love him.

But he doesn’t think the way you do.
He doesn’t think about you at all.
All he thinks about is himself;
how hard it is for him,
how he keeps everything together.

He sees you talking to someone else;
he berates you, scolds you
like a little child who knows no better;
How dare you.

But he chats up all and sundry;
why not?
He couldn’t possibly be anything
other than bordering on the perfect,
could he?

What next?

Oh there is a what next.

A walk into a door,
a tumble,
a ‘silly’ stumble,
‘cos you’re not capable
of functioning without his guidance;
such is the omnipotent,
of this self styled deity
that deigned to honour
you with his presence.

He belittles you?
he’s insecure.
He humiliates you?
he’s afraid of your self confidence.
He beats you?
He’s a coward.

You deserve better.

For The Poetry Pantry #436  . I was thinking about the way my old man, who died recently, treated my mother and us children. It happens everywhere, and it sickens me to see these men abusing good women and children simply because they can.


16 thoughts on “Abusive Fuck

  1. The cycle of abuse, described by someone who understands it well. It is sickening, I agree, and sadly prevalent, which is why we women appreciate men like you, Paul. It is always so lovely to see your name pop up on the Linky!


  2. Ah, Paul, so good to see you. You have characterized that kind of person so perfectly. Indeed all that kind of person thinks about is himself, and it seems there are more of this kind of person than we realize. They often hide behind closed doors. I am sorry your mother and siblings and you had to endure this.


    • Hi Mary. It’s good to be back, again.
      For me and mine it’s in the distant past. However, like others who have experienced some form of abuse, I notice it all the time. It’s often very subtly done.


  3. In Australia 1 out of 3 women have experienced domestic violence…There was a huge march on Sunday to protest against violence towards women. I am not sure of the statistics for other countries. Thank you for supporting women.Love the title…very apt!


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