Slowly Going Crazy

slowly going crazy
not like a fox
more a box of frogs
bouncing off the walls

sit down
stand up
sit down again
stand up
walk a bit
sit back down

watch TV?
as if the dozens of hours this week
weren’t enough

a movie?
my attention span has shrunk
to that of a goldfish’s memory

three novels in four days
is about as much as I can manage

alas not an option
Oh I wish

now there’s an idea

at least my
penthouse eyrie
is cool
literally and figuratively
on the hottest day
of the year

life is good
but I am
slowly going crazy

or am I





20 thoughts on “Slowly Going Crazy

  1. write?
    now there’s an idea…. love that! Been struggling with the same thoughts.. so much seems the same and the words seem lost in the banality of it all!


      • It is compulsive, I agree. But how honest my poems are… that’s still up in the air. But there seems little else that truly helps!


      • Poetic licence, thotpurge. 🙂
        I think we all hold something back; it just gets easier to reveal the ‘true you’ as one gets older. Pass a certain age and you tend not to care what people think of you. It’s what you think of yourself that truly matters.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s quite liberating not having to worry about what I’m writing. However, I do realise that the personal freedom to do so only comes from the society I live in and the area of the world I am fortunate to live. There are many places on this planet where people cannot utter a fraction of what they’re truly thinking, for fear of the reprisals. I do realise how fortunate I am. 🙂

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