Sometimes I wonder why I
Have to feel this way
Even though
I know the answer.
Stupidity, pure and simple.
Behind the smiling façade
Everything crumbles
As heartache beckons
Underneath the ever present smile
That conceals the pain that
Is my love for you.
For to
Love is to know pain.



4 thoughts on “Acrostic

    • Yes Sherry, we do share certain experiences don’t we.
      I think some people tend to care more about their impact on others; hence the tendency to get hurt. I do believe I’m too old to develop a hard heart now though. I like me just the way I am, flaws (of which there are many) and all. 😊


  1. Paul, i am away from home and dont have your email address. Your feature posts tomorrow at Poets United at 12:30 p.m. U.S. central time. See you there, kiddo, and thanks for your patience.


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