A Man

I don’t watch football
Or tinker with cars
I don’t play a sport
Or hang around in bars

I don’t fight or
Have anything to prove
And if I get in someone’s way
I’ll more often than not move

I know I’m not brash nor
Do I play to the crowd
And I don’t flash the cash
Or have to be loud

I do however
Treat people with respect
And truly believe that what you
Give is what you get

I like being ‘nice’ and
I try to be kind
And I believe in being positive
in action and in mind

Not your typical ‘man’
I have often been told
Definitely not macho and
Often not bold

But promises I keep
And confidences too
And to my friends
I’ll always be true

And if I love you
It will be forever
No matter the hardships
For worse and for better

I can cook
I can sew
I can look after myself
I’m secure in my masculinity
My experiences, a storehouse of wealth

Yes I’m quiet
And introverted at times
I feel no need to constantly reveal
Whatever’s on my mind

I have endured bad times
I have enjoyed good times
I have faced many fears
And on occasion been reduced to tears

If I truly love you
I will give my all
And when life tries to bend me
I will always stand tall

Yes, I’m a man
But I’ve nothing to prove
No need for swagger
No alpha status to lose

Look beneath the surface
See what’s inside
You’ll certainly get
One hell of a ride

And if you reject me
For a generic plaster cast mould
You’ll never discover that inside is cast
a heart of pure gold




22 thoughts on “A Man

  1. I loved your self portrait, Paul. Who could NOT want to know a person like you. In my opinion, the qualities you mentioned having are GOLD & should be treasured.

    (Great to see you here!!)


  2. I agree with your thoughts and Bjorn…we need more men like the 2 of you to step forward and be heard and get rid of this macho, fearful image as it has dominated us for far too long. I was lucky enough to have a father who fit your words perfectly…definitely not the ‘norm’ of his day and was his own man with a heart of gold….I miss him dearly!


    • Thank you, Donna. It’s good to know there are women out there who appreciate a well rounded individual. I am very secure in my own masculinity and feel no need to ‘peacock’ it for the benefit of others. However, when it comes to dating a potential partner it seems there is still a definite ‘alpha’ hierarchy; and the writing of poetry or the ability to cook and take care of oneself in this modern world appears pretty low down on the list of requirements. My poem is an attempt to vocalise my frustrations. πŸ™‚


  3. Always so lovely to read you, Paul. You have a heart of gold indeed and someone would be very lucky to be with you. I have often felt as you do in this poem, when i was younger. As Mary says, your qualities are golden.


    • Hello, my friend, good to hear from you. πŸ™‚

      As I have just replied to Donna, this poem is a direct result of my frustrations with being perceived as ‘nice’ but not suitable partner material; simply because I don’t feel the need to display the macho sensibilities that women seem drawn to. I have often seen it as an affliction I need to cure but as I get older I realise it is who I am, and I refuse to change simply because someone else thinks I should. And I’m still single. lol πŸ™‚


  4. Believe me, many women long for just such a man! (And some of us are lucky enough to find one.) Maybe you’re looking in the wrong places?


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