Ah, marriage;
church bells, flowers,
horse drawn carriage,
happy ever after?

If you’re lucky,
in love.

If, on the other hand,
you’re not so lucky;

Fights, infidelity,
broken hearts,
as one
or the other
not so nice.

Ah, marriage;
wouldn’t have missed it
for the world;
to be one
with the girl
of your dreams,
if only for a minute,
is what marriage means,
for me
at least.

And to all those
contemplating joining
this august institution,
I wish you peace,
and joy.

Third time lucky?

Who knows…

16 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Yikes! I’d like to think we learn a little something new about loving each time. Of course, we also have to learn more about people. Great truth here in this poem.


  2. Paul, you so deserve to be third time lucky…… have so much to give and deserve to be appreciated…..keep the door open……if it happens, let me know, and we will do an Update at Poets United that will make me VERY happy. It can happen. Believe it. I do.


    • I’ve been on my own for a while now, Sherry, and I’ve found myself becoming slightly selfish. By that, I mean I enjoy doing what I want when I want and I’m not sure I’d be willing to give that selfish freedom up. But who knows, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so you may as well disregard everything I’ve just said. πŸ™‚

      (PS your comment was in my spam folder and I’ve only just found it; sorry)


  3. I was third time very lucky! And for a long time too, until death parted us. It is by no means impossible. (Smile.)


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