I realised I was old today
and I’m not quite sure what to say
I looked in the mirror
and there it was
turkey neck
widespread hair loss
saggy jowls
wrinkly skin
when did this descent to the coffin begin
just yesterday
I was young in body and mind
now I look at my reflection
and what do I find
an old man
where once there was youth
well worn and travelled
with nothing left to prove
comfortable resigned
and at ease with himself
done with preening
and the pursuit of wealth
for now he knows
the true value of life
that all the treasure
is deep inside
memories of people
and places he’s known
means he’ll never worry
about being alone
joy in his heart
from those that he’s loved
and most of all knowing
the Father above

4 thoughts on “Old

  1. Oh my yes there is that time when we look in the mirror and see an older self gazing back…but as you say….
    ‘for now he knows
    the true value of life
    that all the treasure
    is deep inside’

    How very true! Really loved both poems.


    • Hi Donna,

      It’s just a pity we can’t have the wisdom and the youthful body in one package. 🙂

      Thank you for your comments.


  2. Paul,

    Ah the wisdom and the sixth sense we suddenly find, just as other defining qualities seem to retract and fade…However, it is a different kind of mirror we gaze into when wisdom and experience are added to the reflection we see!



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