I drive a sporty coupé,
dress in trendy ‘young thing’
expensive watch on my wrist.

What does it mean?

Could I be having
a ‘mid-life’,
one of those guys,
sans wife,
peacocking his way
through his remaining days,
always ready for the chase?

I’m just havin’ fun.

20 thoughts on “Mid-Life

  1. Good for you, Paul! Having fun is the best of reasons….enjoy that coupé!
    Great to see you in the Pantry again!


    • It’s good to be back writing, Mary. 🙂

      One advantage of getting ‘old’ is the freedom to do what one wants and not care about what others think.


  2. Yup! 69 and still in this wonderful “crisis” 🙂
    PS: My grown up kids still think I shouldn’t leave the house unsupervised.


    • Oh yes, I’ve been having one for the last fifteen years. 🙂 My kids feel pretty much the same way about me. lol But at least they’ll remember I wasn’t boring. 😉


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