Bolsover Castle

The other day I spent an enjoyable couple of hours strolling around the castle. I’d been meaning to go for the last three years, and as it was a beautiful day and I was off work, I decided it was time for a visit.

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Do You Think Of Me

do you think of me now I’m gone
in those moments when you’re alone
do you recall the things you said
and how you played inside my head

pushing buttons pulling strings
and a million other spiteful things
when I found our life was all a lie
and all I wanted was to die

 I know I sat beside the sea
with a hundred pills upon my knee
convinced I only had one choice
until I heard another voice
telling me
“enough’s enough
this isn’t right this isn’t love.”

and so I left, began anew
still carrying a torch for you
but now I’m healed and life is mine
the past has passed, another time

do you know I still think of you
of what you did and tried to do
send me to an early grave
for you weren’t that good weren’t that brave
enough to tell the truth to me
that all was an illusion I could see

you took my love
took my time
and left me paying for the crime
of being open honest true
my only sin loving you
do you still think of me

I hope you do I hope you see…