I was lucky you passed me by.
I wasn’t your type.

Wasn’t the one to give
you the evil gleam in your eye.


your mind was on gentler prey.

Innocent, younger, easier;
I may have spoken out.

I talked a lot.

you crept in the dark,
the monster I knew only in daylight;
not so lucky another.

Silently, stealthily stealing
along the landing in the night.

Did she know you were missing?

A half empty bed;
white sheets reflecting
the pallid moonlight.

Shivers here,
sobs there.

The chill of the night
no match
for your cold, black heart.


An old poem from me today for Poets United Poetry Pantry #257.

For all of you blessed with great fathers, enjoy your day. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Monster

  1. To me you echo the news today where a sweet seventeen old girl went missing and later found dead… Terrible with that empty bed and those monsters outside.


  2. This really makes me think there’s an evil searching out the innocent. Often the innocent are the easier prey however not always the young vs. the old. It leads my mind down a certain path… not one of monetary value but one of possession and control. Nicely written!


    • Indeed, Mary. Those silent ‘pillars of society’ need to come across a Samson every now and again.

      It’s good to be back among friends Mary. 🙂


  3. You have captured the darkness and the chill of what was going on to perfection, Paul. The half empty bed, him creeping along the landing. I have such a hard time with human behavior, my friend. SO nice to see you here today!


    • Thank you, Sherry. Unfortunately its everywhere. All we can do is be vigilant and keep our loved ones safe.

      It’s good to see you too, my friend. 🙂


    • Oh indeed, Donna. They are masters of charm but sometimes the mask slips and their true nature is revealed. That voice inside, we often ignore, is invariably right when it comes to ‘those’ people. It’s a pity we disregard it so often.


  4. It is strange that kids imagine monsters before they are told about them…so they must be real. Parents have forgotten that were so afflicted themselves when young and try to calm them down. But they are real aren’t they?


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