Not Lonely But Free

Don’t feel sorry for me,
thinking I’m lonely;
I’m not,
I’m free.

Don’t think because
I live alone
I am alone;
I’m not,
I’m free.

There’s no need
to worry about
how I spend my time,
it’s mine,
to do as I please.

I’m free,
to do whatever
appeals to me.

Don’t wish your
unhappiness on me,
in a broken relationship;
because I’m not,
I’m free.

Whatever you may
of me,
I’m not lonely
But free.

22 thoughts on “Not Lonely But Free

  1. I agree, Paul. No person should judge another’s happiness. I know a lot of people who live by themselves who are extremely happy with their lives just as they are…and have known people who have lived with another who wished they had the freedom of the person who lives alone. Great statement poem here!


  2. Yes, indeed! I always find it so ironic how other people, who complain about their partners all the time, simultaneous seem to think something is lacking in my life because I choose to be alone πŸ™‚


  3. living alone does not equate to being lonely (it may be sometimes but not always). a lot of people misunderstood that.
    liked your message. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you dsnake1. I agree, a lot of people do equate living alone with being lonely. I’m quite happy and not at all lonely.


  4. Paul,

    There is indeed something valuable in finding one’s peace in tranquility and solitude. I often crave a taste of that location as well!!
    It is a wonderful zone for composing…Company is not always a condition for existence:)

    Best wishes,


    • Maybe I’m getting anti-social, Eileen but I love my solitude. Classic FM, a glass of wine, a book of poetry; what could be better? I feel blessed. πŸ™‚


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