Not Lonely But Free

Don’t feel sorry for me,
thinking I’m lonely;
I’m not,
I’m free.

Don’t think because
I live alone
I am alone;
I’m not,
I’m free.

There’s no need
to worry about
how I spend my time,
it’s mine,
to do as I please.

I’m free,
to do whatever
appeals to me.

Don’t wish your
unhappiness on me,
in a broken relationship;
because I’m not,
I’m free.

Whatever you may
of me,
I’m not lonely
But free.


Don't Fence Me In

tom chambers

don’t fence me in
don’t stereotype me
because of my gender
be tender

I wasn’t put on this earth
to serve you dinner
I’m no ‘sinner’
because I sometimes wear lipstick
I have no subversive agenda
other than to be free
to be me

you build invisible fences
try to corral me
like a wayward mustang
yet you still expect me
to hang around
indulge your every whim

you won’t fence me in
I’ll fly
I’ll try
time and again
to break the bonds
you’ve woven with
your own fear
to keep me near
don’t fence me in
you can’t possess me

caress me
love me
let me see
you build a stronghold
for our love
don’t get sold on a lie
you have no right
to own

be my lover
cherish me and we’ll fly
build castles in the sky
to our love
it’s all we need
it’s enough

don’t fence me in
take down the wire
reap what’s been sown
harvest the fire
let it be known
you love me
I love you
let the good times begin
don’t fence me in

For Magpie Tales Mag 240.

I’ve tried to write something from the female perspective because the picture prompt is so powerful. I hope it works.