IS This Right?

Do we really need to bomb more people,
kill thousands indiscriminately and maim?

In whose name?

I’ve been to the Middle East,
and it appears to me
most people want to live in peace.

Those once foreign lands
far across the sea,
are just like ours,
it’s only a matter of geography.

Barbaric, hideous, callous terrorists?
Some, yes.
But remember the Crusades,
Our own ‘God’ inspired conquest
of foreign climes?

‘What’s mine is mine
And what’s yours is mine.’

All the tyrants in every land
Eventually fall by the people’s hand.

Remember 7/7,
The death, the misery, the pain?
A drop in the ocean
beside the payload of one of those planes.

You don’t make friends,
or keep them,
by bombing a neighbour.

So now,
Instead of just having to fight IS
We are more than adding to their distress.


6 thoughts on “IS This Right?

    • Mary, if I knew that I wouldn’t be working for just above minimum wage. 🙂

      History however, does show us that imposing our will on another sovereign just nation doesn’t work. Wold we accept invasion by a foreign force, whatever the reasons?


  1. I sit on the sidelines and want to hide from it all. I stopped watching local and world news. I’m just as evil as the ones pointing and shooting and taking what they want, not necessarily what the need (even then it’s just wrong). As an excuse to maintain some sense of order and my sanity..yes sanity (I looked at the meds and the doses I receive and it sure looks like i’m insane or going to hell quicker). I know I’m not alone and the numbers only shame me more not reinforce my attitude. Okay, Okay stop the bombing.. then that will give them more time to gear up another 911 or worse by bombing schools and boarding homes for the elderly.. scrap that last one, we do a pretty good job of locking our elderly and ignoring them.. just ask my mom when you reach the pearly gates. I appreciate Paul and his values.. and I thank him with all my heart. I just found out I’ve been approved for HUD/ VASH section 8 (government substisided (sp) housing.)and it means I’m getting closer to living in a group home for the elderly. What comes around goes around.. never forget. No response needed. I’d probably get around to it in a few months. Thanks for the soapbox Paul. Hose it off will you.. I may have stepped into pooh.


    • The great success of a democracy, Michael, is the freedom of speech. We can all have differences of opinion but we don’t (necessarily) kill for them. I have no idea how we’re going to sort out all the mess in the world but killing people indiscriminately isn’t the answer. No matter what they tell us about ‘smart’ bombs, they are weapons of destruction. They don’t, can’t, target individuals. They kill on a wide scale. Sad times.


  2. I hear you, Paul, and I am right there with you………peace will never be achieved by bombs…only more hatred, more violence, more oppression, more rebellion. Sigh. In every country, the vast majority just wish to live their lives……as peacefully as possible…..


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