there is a hill not far from here
where all my worries disappear
summers I remember there
when I was naively unaware
of wars and sadness, corruption, lies
while gazing up at skylark skies
now when I’m feeling down at heart
and the darkest curtains will not part
I wander off and up that hill
to once more take the sweetest pill
for nothing else can ease my pain
like stepping back up there again

16 thoughts on “Hill

    • Hi Mary. πŸ™‚

      The older I get the more I revisit those times.

      It’s good to be writing something, anything, again Mary. Nice to see you too.


  1. Paul, how wonderful to see you posting in the Pantry. YIPPEE! I LOVE your “skylark skies” and am glad you have such a beautiful place to go when the gray curtains are lowering……keep shining, kiddo, and keep looking at those skylark skies!


    • It’s good to be back, Sherry, and good to see you too. πŸ™‚

      When I was a child I used to lie down in the tall grass, on the fields below the castle, and listen to the skylarks singing in the cloudless blue summer skies. Great memories.


    • I think people my age were very lucky as children, Old Egg. We were allowed to ‘play outside’ and enjoy nature much more than children nowadays. I loved being out there for the summer; and spring, autumn and winter. πŸ™‚


    • A childhood favourite, Stormcat. And having travelled a lot it is still my favourite spot in the whole world.


    • It’s a special place for me, Sherry, Nothing more than just a hill but one of the places I spent many happy hours as a child, chasing butterflies, flying kites and just lying on my back gazing up into a blue sky.


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