I Cried Out

I cried out;
a defining moment,
and you heard
my words.

No criticism
of a life misspent,
just love,
a new life to begin.

I cried out
and you heard
my words.

For Poets United – Verse First – I Cried Out.


19 thoughts on “I Cried Out

  1. Paul,

    Something very soothing in these words, which offer solace and hope beyond. An embracing place, to where comfort has been afforded.

    Nice to find your words here today Paul:)

    Best wishes,


  2. Thank you folks, for all your lovely comments. Unfortunately, I’ve been away working for a couple of days so have been unable to reply. As I’m up again at four in the morning, (and just in from work), my apologies for not being able to visit your blogs.


  3. I cried out and you heard my words is so comforting. Short, sweet and very effective. Nicely penned.
    dropping by from VerseFirst linkup.


  4. So simple and yet so touching. I agree with Kim. It describes a connection with God, for only God can truly help us, even Atheists turn to their Lord when they lay helpless waiting for death to take them. Because God has created us with His spirit inside of us. It’s so beautiful, and yet we reject it rather than acknowledge it.


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