More Nonsense

there’s something to be said
about going to bed early
instead of nearly
falling asleep
in a chair
in the dark
like an old fart



7 thoughts on “More Nonsense

  1. I so know the feeling. I go to bed to “read” and my book falls onto the floor at least three times with a thunk, and often onto my face as well before I finally give in and turn off the light.


  2. I sit up reading with our new kitty, Diva, in my lap. The sound of her purring lulls me into sleep until Lex gets up, finds me in the chair, snoring and glasses crooked on my head. I try to blame the cat, but that argument holds NO water in our house!! Nice little write, and not at all foolish. It’s too true. Amy


    • One of the bonuses of advancing years, Amy, is the fact we can admit to all kinds of things and be quite at ease with them. None of that foolish young nonsense when we would never admit to anything as ‘uncool’ as falling asleep in a chair. LOL 🙂


  3. refreshing, & there’s a hint of William Carlos Williams in there – in the brevity, the truth value, even the form – which I like very much (I’m a big fan of this kind of poetry)


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