on the net
we depend

to manage lives
appointments banking news

communicate validate
social views

no electricity
the end


Written for Poets United Verse First – The Red Wheelbarrow.




12 thoughts on “Dependence

  1. Paul,

    Indeed we are totally lost, if ever there is an interruption to the electricity supply. Thinking of old days when candlelight was the only means of lighting, at grandmother’s house in the countryside!!
    Nice response to the prompt Paul.



    • I’m old enough to remember the power cuts in the seventies, Eileen. I remember candles and paraffin lamps lol.


  2. …ah, and i hate it when that suddenly happens… especially these days when we are in all ways so much dependent on the convenience we get from electricity… i loved this… smiles…


    • Thank you, kelvin s.m.

      It’s no so good to be so dependent on one thing but we’ve managed it in the last few years.

      It’s always good to meet a fellow writer; welcome to my blog. 🙂


    • Hi Sumana, nice to meet you. 🙂

      We all run around like headless chickens when the power does go out.


  3. Good one! And so true. Sometimes I’d prefer an old fashioned conversation, face to face … a lot more personal. Yet the internet allows us to reach so many people, expand our horizons 🙂


    • Yes Loredana, on the one hand the internet takes away some social contact but gives so much back. Progress is great, dependence not so good.

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting. 🙂


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