Unwelcome Intruder

You’re a visitor of the rudest persuasion,
never knocking at the door,
waiting to be let in
or denied entry.
Just barging in,
out of the darkness,
casting a gloom,
a painful pall
over my spirits
for as long as you stay,
unwelcome intruder,
still standing after three rounds.

Ding, ding!

You waver but will not leave,
dancing around;
until I fall asleep.

T.K.O. in the fourth round!
In the red corner,
Acetaminophen + Ibuprofen + Sleep.


4 thoughts on “Unwelcome Intruder

  1. Paul, thanks for stopping by Sharp Li’l. Now I know why you left this particular URL. I’m so glad you can find humor in the darkest place on earth: Migraine Avenue. I have to take something called Sumatriptan (it’s generic for somethingorother) and if I get it early enough, I only have to take one.

    If I had only Advil, etc., I’d need about 28, and still be in a room with shades drawn and an ice pack over one eye! Love the boxing ring. Great job, Amy


    • Hi Amy,

      Good to see you again.

      I consider myself to be quite lucky with the migraines. I’ve only ever had a few that put me in bed. A lot of my family have terrible ones; I guess it’s genetic. Luckily I discovered ‘Migraleve’ which helps me. Unfortunately I always wake up with the pounding pain, never know when they’re coming. Don’t have the lights or anything, very lucky, although I don’t consider myself to be lucky when I’m actually having one. lol


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