Did You Live Your Life Well

Did you life your life well
or are there things you’d rather not tell?
If your life was made into a movie,
laid bare,
would you want anyone to see it
with you sitting there?
Did you steal, cheat, hurt anyone,
or live a good life all along?
Did you sacrice anything at all,
or think of yourself when duty came to call?
Were you loyal, loving, responsible,
or were your morals questionable?

Did you live your life well?
Are you going to tell?

6 thoughts on “Did You Live Your Life Well

  1. I think the more important question for me is how will I live today, tomorrow? I cannot do anything to change the past, only have control of what I do with today. A thought-provoking poem, Paul. Hope you are doing well.


  2. Paul,

    It is indeed a Sunday treat to find you here again:)

    I love this poem Paul and the questioning it provokes….Personally, I will reflect; but suffice to say, I have no issues to hide from anyone else, or myself….(Yet) 🙂

    Best Wishes,


    • Hi Eileen,

      Good to have you visit again. 🙂

      We all have episodes of our life we’d rather not screen but I like to think the good generally outweighs the not so good.


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