the candle flame flickers in the darkness
describing a ballet of epic proportions
dancing on the walls
nocturnal mirages shivering
never still
never quite reaching
the level of distinction
of their sun induced
those diurnal shadows
of pre-eminence

yet the night time imposters
somehow appear deeper
possessing a profoundness
the clarity of daylight
cannot recreate

and as daylight hours
stretch and ultimately soften
the sharp deeply defined
lines of the inescapable
ever connected
daylight denizens
as inexorably as the
turning of the earth

the night phantasms
the tarantella
of nightmarish dreams
and cloaked apparitions
in all their foreboding

for all the portentous power
these pyrotechnic parasites
I have only to extinguish
one solitary dancing flame
to banish them back into

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