Day's End

This evening I sat
and watched
the day die;
the colour, light, life
drained out of the sky.

As I watched,
the multi-coloured
turned monochrome,
the day was gone
and I sat

This evening I sat
and watched the day die;




Did You Live Your Life Well

Did you life your life well
or are there things you’d rather not tell?
If your life was made into a movie,
laid bare,
would you want anyone to see it
with you sitting there?
Did you steal, cheat, hurt anyone,
or live a good life all along?
Did you sacrice anything at all,
or think of yourself when duty came to call?
Were you loyal, loving, responsible,
or were your morals questionable?

Did you live your life well?
Are you going to tell?


lazily hazily
flowing along
tinkling with laughter
singing their song
hurriedly hastily
rushing and running
tumbling over rocks
gushing through locks
softly quietly
whispering on
drifting around bends
familiar friends
the river of words
needs to be heard
the waterfall’s roar
waves crashing on shore
spilling from me
and off out to sea
drops of devotion
pour into the ocean

Summer Breeze

Oh Summer breeze
how you tease
my recumbent form
like the lover I miss
with a delicate kiss
upon my arm
you descend on me
from an azure sky
envelop all
then pass on by
flitting gently
across my cheek
making hairs bristle
and will grow weak,
you whisper gently
skimming my brow
“It’s okay my love,
I’m right here,
right now.”
Then with a start
I open my eyes
upon an invisible
zephyr of lies

Oh Summer breeze
how you tease

I Wish

I wish I’d not said certain words
that really shouldn’t have been heard
I wish I’d been a better man
and behaved the way I know I can
I wish I’d thought before I’d spoken
and something great would not be broken
I wish you the best of everything
and hope one day your heart does sing
with all the best life has in store
I wish you this,
and so much more.

I wish…