Sometimes I wonder why I
Have to feel this way
Even though
I know the answer.
Stupidity, pure and simple.
Behind the smiling façade
Everything crumbles
As heartache beckons
Underneath the ever present smile
That conceals the pain that
Is my love for you.
For to
Love is to know pain.



A Man

I don’t watch football
Or tinker with cars
I don’t play a sport
Or hang around in bars

I don’t fight or
Have anything to prove
And if I get in someone’s way
I’ll more often than not move

I know I’m not brash nor
Do I play to the crowd
And I don’t flash the cash
Or have to be loud

I do however
Treat people with respect
And truly believe that what you
Give is what you get

I like being ‘nice’ and
I try to be kind
And I believe in being positive
in action and in mind

Not your typical ‘man’
I have often been told
Definitely not macho and
Often not bold

But promises I keep
And confidences too
And to my friends
I’ll always be true

And if I love you
It will be forever
No matter the hardships
For worse and for better

I can cook
I can sew
I can look after myself
I’m secure in my masculinity
My experiences, a storehouse of wealth

Yes I’m quiet
And introverted at times
I feel no need to constantly reveal
Whatever’s on my mind

I have endured bad times
I have enjoyed good times
I have faced many fears
And on occasion been reduced to tears

If I truly love you
I will give my all
And when life tries to bend me
I will always stand tall

Yes, I’m a man
But I’ve nothing to prove
No need for swagger
No alpha status to lose

Look beneath the surface
See what’s inside
You’ll certainly get
One hell of a ride

And if you reject me
For a generic plaster cast mould
You’ll never discover that inside is cast
a heart of pure gold



Thief Of Dreams

Thief of Dreams

He must have come in the dead
of night,
the thief of dreams.

Did he visit once,
collecting them all in one fell
Or did he return many times
over the years?

I remember my dreams,
dreams that waned,
battered and bruised by life
but not bowed.

Some dreams remain,
mere vestiges
of what they once were;
uncut diamonds
overlooked by the polisher’s

Insipid ambition
failed to reveal a
solitary multifaceted gem.

Am I responsible?
Does the burden sit squarely
on my shoulders?
Did I relinquish my dreams freely?
Was I not bold enough?
Were my defences lacking?

Either way,
he took them willingly and
tossed them into the
black hole of unrealised desire,
the light of hope dimmed
little by little.
Dreams shattered,
piece by piece.

Maybe dreams are the domain of
the young.
They hang on to them steadfastly,
don’t give up on them so easily.

When did I become so weak?
Why did I let go?
How did I lose my grip?
When did I forego title to my

It must have been in the night,
in the dark,
when the thief of dreams came.
I wouldn’t have handed them over
in the bright light of day,
would I?


It was the thief of dreams .

An Autumnal Acrostic

Autumn Sunshine

Autumn sunshine and shadows dance
under rapidly changing
unloading their summer burden, as
myriad leaves fall,
noiselessly, in the pale
under a fading blue sky,
nervously twitching as they
signal that
here we are,
in the waning of the year,
near the skeletal time and
earth’s final gasp before renewal